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True Lies about the Death Counts

How did we get to this point?

Officials in State Health Department were actually allowed to estimate counts when patients were seen in clinics, hospitals, and urgent care centers.

In March of this year, the official reporting centers, collecting the case numbers, made two decisions that allowed the numbers to sky rocket; without requiring any laboratory evidence as proof to support the new rise in cases. They were allowed to count or tally 1 case as 4 or more cases depending upon the race of the patient being treated or seen in a doctors office.

Their reasoning – if a white person was being evaluated, and they thought they may have COVID19, thought to be due to SARSCoV-2, they tallied this as four cases because, statistically they are more likely living in a family of 4, and no lab testing is (was) ever required to substantiate this count.

They could have been having symptoms of just ordinary common cold symptoms which are seen in any flu season from one if these three viruses: the common cold coronaviruses, the influenza viruses, and the rhinoviruses.

These are the three most common viruses that make up virtually all the common cold viruses. These three common cold viruses have not simply disappeared in the face of the SARSCoV-2 virus. People are still getting these as they have been for untold years.

If the patient was non-white, they were allowed to count the case even higher – even as high as 6 or more, because they were more likely to be residing in a larger household. No laboratory tests were required and even today are not required. So the numbers are necessarily much less that are actually being recorded as seen on the Johns Hopkins website that everyone refers to.

When blood bank samples from several centers were collected prior to 2019, were tested to the SARSCoV-2 virus that causes COVID19, 50-60% of the samples tested positive for the SARSCoV-2 virus – which means even, if you do happen to run a lab test to check for COVID19, many people tested actually do not have the virus that causes COVID19 disease, but actually the common cold virus, – not SARSCoV-2.

Even the CDC admits their case rates and fatality rates are probably as much as 4-5 times the actual rates, because of the fact of all these over-reporting and miss-reporting of various illnesses that were never really COVID19 related.

Bottom line, the masks, lock-downs, school closures, church closures, social distancing… virtually everything supporting “the sky is falling” mentality, are not necessary, and have actually caused more harm than good; simply because this virus is not different that any of the past several “bad flu seasons”this country has sustained within the past several decades.

Understanding how the MSM has led you to believe that this cannot possibly be true because of all the people that are dying, one only has to rely on science and not people who don’t know what the numbers actually are.

Given that it’s difficult to get an accurate assessment as to the real case fatality rate, because we cannot possibly test everyone – the denominator in the equation, and we are seeing miss-reporting in the actual deaths, the rates are going to be greatly over-counted.

The most reasonable and scientific way to assess how may deaths are truly due to the COVID19 disease is to compare all the extra deaths given in an area a during a fixed amount of time, and relate that number to the amount of deaths in the same area, during the same amount of time.

When this excess death analysis is done, we find the death rate to be about 0.5%-0.6% and maybe as high as 0.8%-1.2% in some areas such as NYC and higher in some areas like Italy; being higher in the older patients. This is the same rate that we see for our typical flu slightly worse-season which accounts for about 60K – 70K deaths per flu season.

We also know that a different viral strain, seen early on was more lethal than the strains that are presently spreading in our communities.

Since we never mandated such draconian lock-downs in the past with virus seasons with similar illness and mortality rates, one has to wonder why our legislators demanded that is be done for the SARSCoV-2 that we are experiencing today.

One should also be concerned why our government allowed the larger box stores to remain open and the smaller stores were forced to close, resulting in many untold deaths of these smaller businesses; indeed logic would actually support a higher contagious rate in stores were more “virus spreaders” would be circulating.

The Science is not here to support this idiocracy.

Science supports reasonable and common sense preventive measures: good hygiene (hand washing), staying at home is your are sick – allowing for other to work and attend school, and getting the vaccine if you are at high risk of significant morbidity and mortality.

It Takes an Outsider from the Outback to Lead the Way Back…

The Cure cannot be worse then the illness

The First Video from Wuhan Meant to Scare us to death about the Virus

Fake Cell Phone Video of a Man Pretending to Die from COVID19


As noted in the video above, there exists an monumental monetary gain in listing COVID19 as a diagnosis whenever a patient is admitted to a hospital, and there is an additional incentive to insure that physicians be pressured into placing their patients on respirators, even when, in most cases, they would have done better off the machines and more aggressively managed as outpatients had they been started on the appropriate treatment sooner.

Routine garden variety pneumonia patients are reimbursed at a rate of $5,000 on average, but that amount was $13,000 more if the diagnosis of COVID19 is added to the chart, and if the patient is placed on a ventilator, that amount skyrockets up to $39,000 for each & every case.

Many patients, we have since learned, never needed to be placed on these machines, and in fact, did much better, when they were not paralyzed and placed on these machines for their management.

Sadly, if family members could be kept away from those undergoing these treatments, there could be no interference and no-one to realize that many of these patients were actually doing worse under these ill-fated practices.

Additionally, special programs from the federal government also allowed for an additional 20% be paid for each claim when the diagnosis of COVID19 was attached to the claim, allowing for an another $8,000 for this patient; so doctors were mandated to include this diagnosis code, whether or not the patient really had a COVID19 illness. A whopping $47,000 is a huge incentive to keep this a Pandemic, even when the numbers revealed, this was nothing more than a bad flu season. [Source: HHS] Since the initial writing of this page, additional sources have exposed some reimbursement rates as high as $77,000 for a COVID19 positive case managed in an ICU setting.

One might think that these costs are really okay, because these amounts are needed to pay the staff, the doctors, and the hospitals for their overhead; but surprisingly, the incentive to lie even got more lucrative and seductive.

Because this was classified a Pandemic, Congress allowed for emergency funding to go directly to the states (not the hospitals) for Relief – of every COVID19 tally: to name a few-

California $145,000 per case

Hawaii $301,000 per case

Maine $260,000 per case

Maryland $120,000 per case

Virginia $201,000 per case

West Virginia $471,000 per case

Washington $58,000 per case

New Hampshire $201,000 per case

Texas $184,000 per case

DC $56,000 per case

With a deal this lucrative, who would ever argue for this “Pandemic” to end?

This astounding amount of money could only be available as long as the federal government as well as the individual states were in agreement that this was indeed a horrible once in a lifetime pandemic, and without these funds, the states would collapse under the immense obligation of providing the appropriate care, protection, and materials needed to prevent people from dying.

The only way anyone could ever think about getting away with all this money-grubbing and get away with it, is to maintain a high level of fear; otherwise, no-one with any horse sense should be buying these lies.

Straight from the Horses Mouth… Masks are Useless

Regarding true case numbers

If we investigate statistics where there is no real incentive to lie about the actual case numbers, such as Europe, we find that the actual death rates are really only about 20% higher than a typical flu season, or about the same as we experienced in the last major outbreak in 2017 within the United States, and remarkably, there were no such lock-downs, mandated masks, school closures, or mass hysteria as we are seeing now.

In fact, the COVID19 death rate of people below the age of 40 is actually 50% lower than what we have seen from people getting the influenza virus.

The mainstay of treating this illness would have been far better if good doctors followed their teachings guided by experience and without the restrictions placed upon them by state and federal agencies, as well as local governing boards that actually prosecuted practitioners for treating patients with medications and treatments that they deemed harmful, when in fact, they are not.

Doctors who have and continue to manage and treat their patients as outpatients, since the “Pandemic” started, with no deaths.

Effective Treatment if Started Early

Hydroxychloroquine works; Why Are we being told it does not?

Treatment When Started Later

The Treatment our President received was based upon the MATH+ protocol, and very good results are seen with this protocol as well.

Again, most of the patients who contract the SARSCoV-2 virus do not and will not ever develop any significant morbidity (COVID19 disease) and require no treatment. For the most part, treatment is initiated if and when the oxygen saturation drops below a value as mentioned in both the videos above.

This management, as in our Presidents case, can also include antiviral medications such as Remdesivir and a drug called Regeneron or REGN-COV2— a pair of two monoclonal antibodies used to help generate an immune response to COVID-19 that are available as pharmaceutical companies are producing agents that can “attack” the virus sooner in cases where one’s immune response to a virus may be slow to start such as our elderly population.

Viral Vector Vaccines

Before you chose to receive the unapproved experimental viral vector vaccine for the Wuhan Virus:

The requisite FDA Phase 4 studies that the government requires for a FDA to approve a vaccine prior to administering a vaccine to a population to prove that it is safe and effective vaccine, is actually you, if you chose to get the Moderna Vaccine.

The Phase 4 studies for this experimental vaccine have NOT been done. You are the Phase 4 study. The FDA and Moderna both admit, that they do not know whether this vaccine is safe and effective, and that the phase 4 study that is ordinarily be required prior to the general public get the vaccine has not been done.

This vaccine has been released for emergency use only. Note that emergency use authorization is done to release a vaccine to prevent significant death and morbidity from a disease that have a extremely high rate of disease and death, such as e-boli, smallpox, or polio. These viruses have significant mortality rates that can be as high as 50-80% or greater.

The experimental Moderna Vaccine is being administered for a disease, Covid19, that has a mortality rate less that 0.05% and virtually 0% in anyone under 65 years of age. This is better than the annual flu illnesses we see every year. And according to both the FDA and Moderna, we do not know if this experimental vaccine is safe and effective against the Wuhan Virus. Both the Pfiser-BionTech and the Moderna viral vector vaccines are unproven, experimental and unapproved vaccines. They have not been approved by the FDA to date. Also, the Pfizer Vaccine is prohibited from being used in India. Also, the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine will not be recommended for over-65s in France or Sweden as countries follow Germany’s lead.