Michael James Lindell Documentary

The Case for Fraud

To Steal an Election

The Inherent Problems

Stealing an Election – Easier than you think.

The Who, what, where, when, how, and why on all things Voting:

Who was responsible in each city and state legislature for the introduction of the requisite laws, motions, legal challenges, court papers, court challenges that allowed for and suggested and or demanded that these states change their voting laws to allow for the en masses and widespread voting by mail in ballots? Show me the legal forces responsible and who they were working for, who was paying for them, and who was housing them?

Hacking Elections Made Easy

When were these issues and actions taken in each of the cities and states first mentioned and when were these actions taken?

What were/was the motive(s) stated at the time these actions were first seen to emerge in each state, and how were these actions supported? That is, were they relying on a specific website, state or federal official, scientific report, or spokesperson?

Which state and federal legislators first suggested that we change the way we vote in this election? When did they do this? Who paid them?

Which courts in the cities and states were involved and who supported the judges involved and who got these judges placed?

Who or what is the makeup of the full ownership and managing of the voting machines and scanning machines used in this election?

Who or what is the makeup of the full ownership, managing, and maintenance of the software used in the voting machines and scanning machines used in this election?

Flipping the Tallies

Who or what is the makeup of the full ownership, managing, writing, and maintenance of the software code used in the voting machines and scanning machines used in this election?

Were there official, attested, secure, and witnessed software dumps and changes in with each download and upload of the software programs used – both before the machines were used and after the machines were used on November 3rd, and each day they were used prior to and after November 3rd?

What was done, by whom was it done, and who paid for the security to maintain the integrity of the purity and software maintenance throughout this election season? Which companies or forces were hired for the software maintenance and security of these machines, and were these individuals and managing officials required to undergo exhaustive background investigations prior to their employment? If these steps were not taken, who was responsible for these omissions and what were the reasons given to allow for these omissions?

Hacking Conventions for Cheating

If safeguards were not used or placed to insure against the hacking of these machines, throughout the election process, why were they not insisted upon, who was responsible for these errors or opposition to these steps and safeguards?What was done to verify the integrity of the procedures used to document when each written ballot and mail in ballot was scanned, tallied, read, stored, counted, or discarded; and how were these ballots marked at the time for documenting when and each time they were acted upon either by person or machine, and by which machine they were counted, tallied, scanned, or read through, and what version of the software signature verification was used and was all this data individually placed or marked on each and every individual ballot to insure and document how each ballot was acted upon when they were either read manually or electronically?

Stealing the Election Must be Stopped

If these steps were not taken, (the digital equivalent of the election ink or phosphoric ink used in the elections in Iraq) why were they not taken, and who was responsible for these omissions? Each time any ballot was either read by a manual count, or electronic count, these documents should have the time stamp, date stamp, machine stamp (showing what machine they were scanned, tallied, or counted on), a software stamp (what version of the software code was used in each instance) and a software verification code stamp (a complex number stamp that is unique for the actual code that is dependent of the responsible software coding source, the date and time uploaded, the number of lines and steps in the code, and what other software programs were running in the background when the ballots were acted upon) and a system software ID stamp ( a checksum showing the version of the system software used in each machine when any ballot was scanned, passed, read, tallied, or stored) and finally an error stamp (documenting any and all errors that took place during each and every machine handling of each ballot). All of these data items and document stamps should be placed on each and every ballot every time the ballot is scanned, tallied, read, stored, counted, or discarded from every machine.

If these were not done, who was responsible for these omissions?

A Marxist’s Evil Time to Steal, and a Conservative’s Right Time to Fight