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Coup d’état or Coup de Grâce

To Steal an Election

The Plot to Take Down Trump

Ongoing Coup d’état against Trump Administration now revealed by special US Army Intelligence Group – Top US Officials to be arrested and charged with Treason

It has become apparent that the presidential election of 2020 has been marred by fraud and abuse. To some, this will never be believed. To others, it will probably be apparent that this is hardly the description. It will most likely be documented as the most heinous large scale criminal election conspiracy in the history of the world.

It has now been reported that the 305th Military Intelligence Battalion aka the Kraken, has now has obtained proof that the election was stolen, after retrieving hard evidence from servers located in Germany. Top US agency officials, as well as foreign nationals are involved.

Many people involved with the election process have come forward with many eyewitness and credible statements of criminal wrongdoing not limited to ballot stuffing (running the ballots through the scanner-counters), electronic fraud utilizing both software and machines that have been set ups prior to the election to transfer votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden, the wanton counting of fake mail-in ballots that have been filled out by democratic operatives for dead people, fabricated ballots, and stealing the votes from other legitimate voters by filling them out and forging their signatures; and vote result changing by changing the tally with counterfeit voting cards, and USB cards that are required for transporting the machine tallies to the central counting servers.

The author of this statement has also credible eyewitness evidence of a poll watcher in a major city actually bringing in bags of fraudulent ballots after the polls were closed in the dead of night, that were filled out for Biden, and scanned into the counting machines without any body else being their – and this was only witnessed because the polling officials were not aware that the eyewitness official was not on their side – it was assumed that everyone in the room that night were all democratic operatives.

It is apparent from many officials and attorney groups supporting the uncovering of this criminal activity, that this is so massive, that state and federal agencies have been inundated with affidavits and evidence. In the past, if this criminal activity was revealed in just one county, city, or state, action would be taken to right the wrongs, and the offending party would usually acquiesce quietly, with the intention of not revealing to the American establishment and more importantly the American public, that corrupt politicians could and would actually resort to such activities in order to win.

But this election is different. The democratic party has known for years that they had no chance in beating Donald Trump. They had to resort to cheating. They also had to go all in this election year, because so much was “riding on the line.” The immense amount of fraud and abuse from the Obama-Biden administration, government officials, congressman and senators on both sides of the aisle, military officials, and other elected officials in state and local municipalities that have been complicit in the Swamp, and the Swamp is fighting back.

For years, the previous administration (Obama-Biden) had acted to corrupt the agencies of the federal government: weaponizing the many arms of the federal government not limited to the IRS, FBI, CIA, FDA, and EPA. And large amounts of actual cash was sent out to foreign nations for what can easily appear as corrupt behavior whereby an elected official sends out millions or billions of dollars in cash payments with the covert and hidden understanding that the recipient kick back some agreed to amount before hand to some “seemingly legitimate” organization to allow the money to flow back to the corrupt officials.

This can be a hidden bank account (commonly used in the past), donations to their re-election machines, paying in large amounts for speaking arrangements, extravagant book deals (getting ghost writers to write fluff filled books and getting paid millions for essentially doing nothing), donating to foundations that are set up solely for the corrupt politicians pursuit of happiness, the payments of fake companies set up to do the same.

For years, foreign governments have made sweet heart deals to corrupt politicians to buy influence or for the wanton control of our internal agencies dealing with military actions, economic activities, trade deals, and the list goes on – but influence that insures that our government officials look the other way to allow foreign powers and government to get away with activities and behavior that are in clear and obvious danger to the well fare of the citizens of the United States. Biden and his son, Hunter were paid millions of dollars for what?

Are they really experts in energy, or whatever they were getting paid for by the Communist Chinese Party, or the many European countries they stuck their nose into, demanding large sums of money from these corrupt foreign officials in order for the Swamp members within the United States to look the other way when it would be apparent to anyone that these deals were not in the best interest of the citizens of the United States; in fact, the only ones enriched or helped in the United States were the Biden family members.

For Years, the Obama-Biden administration criminally conspired to take down a presidency. Illegal wire-taps, Fraudulent FISA warrants, fake allegations of foreign involvement and influence, the harassment and arrests of many Trump supporters for crimes that were either made up, coerced, or incidental and meaningless; the large scale outright lies and scandalmongering by the press, the wanton TECH censoring and data manipulation, all orchestrated to result in the ultimate destruction of a duly elected president. The fabrication of an impeachment trial the Democrats contrived only to keep the ball in the wrong side of the court, so the people who were actually guilty of criminal behavior, would never see the inside of a prison cell.

If this was not happening in real time, it would make and will make the ingredients for a best selling book and movies as the people presently engaged in its actions are still playing out their parts, and the game is still afoot.

Trump is fighting the Swamp, because the Swamp does not own him, and he is not beholden to its banal and corrupt claws. We re-elected President Trump simply because he is not beholden to the Swamp; he is beholden to us, and we are beholden to him, if only for the reason that he is the only one truly on our side.

This is the Swamp Fighting Back. This monster of a corrupt political machine made up of corrupt bureaucrats, elected officials, Agency Heads, Military Members, lobbyists, political pundits, CEO’s, foreign leaders who have bought influence and don’t want to lose it, politicians- both Democrats and Republicans, staffers, essentially anyone who has invested heavily into this fat pig that feeds an endlessly trough of money to anyone and everyone who has agreed to trade honor, integrity, and morality, for the lustful and enticements of absolute power and money, sex and felony-laden behavior that is really and readily accepted by our ruling class – and they do not and cannot let this way of life be stopped, and let the ordinary common man be damned.

This is the state of our ruling class. They had to cheat. They simply don’t want this to end. And every other means and action the SWAMP has tried has failed, and TRUMP has survived – and this is to be the final solution to their endless coup d’état or what they think will be their coup de grâce.

Will Americans and its institutions rise to the occasion to prevent this from happening? Will our ruling class stop, for at least a moment, and act with honor and integrity to do what is morally right. We pray that our state and local officials step up do what is right.



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