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Wonderful Video Set to “If, By Rudyard Kipling

If, by Rudyard Kipling

Patriots for Liberty Version

I could not say it better.

It’s not over until the last punch you have

Killing Liberty – Ignoring Science


[Rather long Video – Scored to the Full Length of the Song 😉 ]

Saving our Home

We Love/Support Trump

School children get it all wrong when they assume our founding fathers rebelled against a tyrannical government they called the British… our founding fathers were not fighting the British, they were fighting their own Government, because it was comprised of a corrupt ruling class.

In Trumps case, the Corrupt Government is fighting back.

Another thing our school children are not being taught is the wisdom that came from the words of Alexis de Tocqueville.

Trump Supports Us

That is why Trump is fighting. He is not expecting anything from China, Russia, Iran, etc… as we have witnessed from the Obama-Biden administration. Trump is trying to fight the many years of spoils the corrupt politicians (the ruling class) have taken from its citizens for their own seductive desires, and have left the ordinary citizen stripped of everything. Furthermore, They will not stop until the whole of the Bill of Rights have been taken from us.

This is now our fight.

In our case, the Corrupt Government is fighting back, by stealing our votes.

General Michael Flynn said, “This is a matter of National Security!”

For both Trump and for us, General Flynn is Right.

Dance for California

The Best is Yet to Come

This Video is Banned from FaceBook

America First

What is a Biden Reset?

Spirit of America


Nation is Growing

Promises Kept

Trump Inspirational Speech

Let Them Eat Ice Cream

Only Cares for Her Friends, and her Fridge

America’s Future

America is a Land of Heroes

Trump Supports our Law Officers

Walker for Trump

Hold onto that Bottle of Wine

Don’t Get Tricked