I saw this picture of Biden with his mask below his nose today, exclaiming that we need to have a nation wide lock down for another 1-2 months.

This is how much these crooks are deceiving you, Look at his mask. There is no way that this is protecting him from this “deadly virus” as he wants you to think. I am an experienced physician in infectious diseases, and I know I can type anything here, and some of you will never believe what I have to say, but I will push forward and restate for history:

  1. This virus is not as dangerous as the CDC and the WHO wants you to believe.
  2. Yes, you can die from this, but only because you were ready to die and this was the straw that broke the camels back- which accounts for less than what we would see in a slightly worse flu season which we have experienced many times in our lifetimes- and we never reacted by killing our economy and literally scaring our children to death, as many of them are committing suicide because they are so frightened that they will be the reason some loved one gets the disease and dies.
  3. Knowing that the virus is not as bad as “they” want you to believe, if you do happen to get this virus, there are ways to treat the illness the SARS2 virus causes, that really does yield virtually a 100% cure rate. I know this. I have managed thousands of patients from all over the world, and none of my SARS2 patients have ever needed to be sent to the hospital, NONE. Almost all of them have significant co-morbid illnesses that put them all in the high risk category.
  4. I have purposely gone out of my way to face to face hug and shake hands with people I meet in public – at concerts, at vineyards, at stores, in Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, grocery stores, post office, liquor stores, government buildings, etc… without a mask, to show by example that there is nothing to be afraid of. Sadly, some people run away from me, even people that I have known for years, because they are deathly afraid they are going to die. This should never had been our reality. Never.
  5. America will learn some time in the future when they get over the sky is falling hysteria, that this flu season was blown out or proportion to get people to be so scared that they could not possible vote in person, opening the doors for mail in ballots requiring no identity proof, resulting in the ability for the democrats to cheat, simply because their polling revealed that if they did not cheat, Biden would not win.
  6. Biden as well as Obama, and other “ruling class” politicians that have been stealing from you for decades, and I include both sides of the aisle here, had everything to lose, so they went all in to win. When Trump prevails and someone who will not be seduced by hook or crook to remain silent, and has enough courage to expose this corruption, we will finally learn that this is just another chapter in the Swamp’s attempt to keep Trump from winning. Trump is fighting the swamp, and the swamp, enslaved to the lavish lifestyles, and seduced by the immense power it secures by accepting its temptations, is fighting back, in order to survive.
  7. How can anyone believe this about the reality of this virus? Dig deep into the statements coming from the younger physicians who are posting the real truths coming out of China, and you learn that these words ring true. Yet the MSM censors those you will try and put your minds at ease.

I am in my 60’s and considered a high risk patient. I love this Country. I love Trump, and I am not a zombie brained neo-nazi, white supremacist, egotistical, war mongering, privileged, racist, bigoted, zealot.

If you look at what the Socialists are doing, and I include Biden in this statement, simply because he is so obviously out of it, that he does not even know how much he supports the socialist cause – he is really a puppet of the far left. This is how the Marxists and Socialists gain power – by backing a senile old corrupt politician who can easily be controlled by either being too stupid to know the difference or by the mere fact that those who want to control him have garnered invaluable “dirt on him” that he has to acquiesce in order to survive. This is the status quo for almost anyone political inside the beltway especially for an inveterate member of the Washington swamp. The MSM perpetuates this hatred towards Trump, and willingly become complicit in their behavior with the swamp because they would not otherwise survive.

Why do I support Trump, and know deep down in my heart of hearts know that he is the person who can help this country to survive?

He is beholden only to us, the many millions of voters who support him, a few dollars here, and a few dollars there. Not big business, not to the huge banks, no deep pockets, no Russia, No China, NO ONE -simply us. Egads – look at the immense rallies he generates. We love Trump and stand by him simply because he stands by us.

I loved Reagan, but Trump’s tasks today, far outweighs anything Reagan would even dream of dealing with. I am not saying Reagan would not have been able to rise to the occasion, but he was never exposed to such evil forces our children are having to witness in our communities. I knew Reagan, I helped to protect him at his ranch in California while serving in the USAF, and I supported him. He was a great American.

America knows that Trump is a great American; most pray for him to lead and succeed, and the others are so blinded in their one issue politics that they have convinced themselves that someone they used to know and like, they now despise simply because they cannot tolerate an unabashed and successful business man with the True Grit to stand up and simply tell the truth without the sugar coating, fake smiles, and free give a-ways the liberal democrats want to promise you every day as long as you look the other way when they steal the shirt off your backs.

These people are so blinded by hate and vile, they cannot see how destructive they are when dealing with President Trump. They see him as their arch enemy, and are so blind to the centuries of ruling class’s corruption, that they are willing to sacrifice their families and children’s welfare and be forced to accept a life as seen in a Harvey Weinstein film filled with harmful sex, drugs, and felony ridden decadence.

I for one, think our children deserve better than that, and we must lead by example and support a person that is not a soured corrupt politician. I want a leader who will fight to keep us all free and stop those who will strip us from the protections we are guaranteed by our constitution and the Bill of Rights. Biden has proven, that he and his handlers would hastily act to erode these protections and eventually destroy everything that made our country prosperous and intact for our families. He wants to destroy anything and everything that makes America secure in a future we all can live in peace. Biden has proven this, because he has resorted in allowing our poorest cities to die in the hands of rebellious rioters, simply because of his misguided ideology that has been born from the socialists that have inveigled him to follow them in order for him to become President.

I pray for America. I pray for the democrats I reject, for the horrible brats who are rioting in our streets, for our police, for our teachers, our ministers, and yes our corrupt politicians, because I want my children to live in a world with the same pursuit of happiness that I had. Trump, who faces a task and woes far worse than Reagan, who can do so much more than was expected by Reagan, has shown he can promise this, but more importantly, he has already proved, he can deliver on his promises. The democrats cannot even help their own children without corrupting them and pushing them into the seductive desires of the corruptions of absolute power, which Alexis de Tocqueville so eloquently warned us about.

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.’

God Bless you and keep you safe.


M. Stich






Explanation of CDC Over Counting as stated on their own website.

The CDC openly admitted on their own website that if they were to report an accurate fatality ratio of deaths per total cases, that rate would be as documented on their site, at a rate of somewhere between 0.002 and 0.004. They are unwilling to document a truly accurate count; the numbers that they have been reporting since March were allowed to be estimates, which have been influenced by political and financial reasons and not based on actual medical testing. Given their own numbers reported on their own site as listed above when compared to their count of 10,314,254 cases on November 12, 2020 their calculated death rate should be between 20,828 and 41,257 deaths due to actual COVID19 illnesses, but their splash page reports as “best guess” as 241,068 deaths on this date. Again, these numbers are guesses and not based on any actual lab dependent testing. Per the calculations of European scientists, they calculate the death rate to be about what we would be seeing in a typical bad flu season which would yield a total amount of deaths to be closer to 60,000 to 90,000 which we have as a nation experienced 3 times since 1960 in the US due to the flu, and not the numbers the MSM is reporting.

The US experiences at least 65,000 deaths every year due to the flu on an average year, every year, and we never have mandated masks or lock-downs.

You need to question why these numbers were allowed to be grossly over-counted by the CDC. You need to be curious as the the motives we had to lock down our country, close our schools, cause the demise of many small business when larger box stores were allowed for no scientific reason, to stay open.

Below is the actual screen shot of the table on cdc.gov that reported their best rate estimate of 0.004 deaths per cases.