Why Biden HAD to win, give salutations to our Congressman and Senators at the highest levels. Our Legislators are not dealing with investors or banks in China, they are dealing directly with the Chinese Communist Party Government, who is ready and able to pay them dearly (read $$$$$$$$$$) for sensitive US Assets.

The Down and Dirty on the Biden Printing Press…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

More $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$




Our government leaders are getting richer by billions and you are counting out time…


More money in one month than you will ever earn in a dozen life times…

They are accustomed to all their vices

General Flynn on Biden Team Widespread Voter Fraud: “A Matter of National Security…”

The New Skinner Box.

Their entire life is their smartphone- if they haven’t posted it on facebook, twitter, or some other social media platform, it never happened, it’s not real, they believe.